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Janet Collection Natural Super Flow Deep Part Lace Wig – BISA REVIEW





Im Back with a wig review for you all. Being natural I love protecting my hair with weaves and wigs. I usually dont go for synthetic wigs or hair bundles but I took the plunge with this wig. This wig is constructed with lace, 3 combs, and a strap. This wig is approx between 18-22 inches and is a yaki texture if not straightened with heat. I have experiences minimal shedding and tangling with this unit but keeping a paddle brush is a must. I have had this unit for about 2months and it still looks brand new. I will definitely keep this stored for a rainy day. If you’re looking for something inexpensive but good quality I really suggest this unit.
Purchased from $30 plus s&h . I always get amazing customer service and amazing hair from this company. I suggest you all to seriously check them out.
*All products were purchased with my own money, I was not paid to do this review, all opinions are my own*


All Natural Skin Care Routine: Flawless Skin

I often get asked “what do you do for your skin” . So today all of my secrets will be revealed *chuckles*. My routine is extremely simple, My skin and hair LOVES natural and organic products.
1. I drink A LOT of water,green tea, green smoothies and Raw fruit juices. no soda (except ginger ale for medical reasons), only almond milk. I love fruit water and coconut water aside from plain water. I also eat a very well balanced diet.
2. I take daily vitamins and biotin 5000mcg everyday. Women’s or men daily vitamins promote skin health, immune system health, bone health ect. Biotin promotes healthy hair, skin, and nails.
3. I do not wear makeup everyday but when i do i use 100% pure olive oil to remove it.
4. Natural and organic makeup
5. When i wear makeup i do not use foundation it’s way to heavy for my skin and causes breakouts.
1. Makeup or no makeup i cleanse my face with 100% pure olive oil followed by black soap purchased at ( (i use various brands as long as it is 100% pure)
2. I tone my face with thayers all natural witch hazel purchased at (
3. I moisturize with 100% pure African shea butter, i mix olive oil in my shea butter.
-learn your skin, less is more.
*i use the same routine morning and night.
*All items mentioned were purchased with my own money
Here are a few selfies of my skin:



Haul/Nicka K lipstick Review



As summer approached I was on the hunt for some new and inexpensive lipsticks. I was in my local beauty supply store and ran across the Nicka K line and boy am I in LOVE. These were only .60 at my store and they had such a huge range to choose from. From bold to neutral to pastel shades. I picked up 8 just to try…now I will be going back to get all of them and the matching lip glosses. Im also looking to find an everyday lip combo from this line. These lipsticks are enriched with vitamin E , so they moisturize as you wear. Did i mention these smell amazing ?! These look beautiful with or without liner *plus* . I can not say any negatives about these lipsticks. Check your local beauty supply and rack up seriously!!!
The 8 colors I tried:
•beach fuchsia
•lavender tint
•barbie pink
•ruby red
• aqua verde
Below is a look I did with the shade Lavender Tint and the liner color nude also by Nicka K.



My Top 10 Tips to grow long Natural hair

1. Cliche I know but WATER WATER WATER….DRINK IT

2. Vitamins You must be healthy from the inside out. Girls go to your local drugstore and get your daily womens vitamins.

3. Use hair products that work for YOU. I cannot stress this enough yes its okay to get ideas of products from others you see on the internet but dont force yourself to use a product that simply does not work for you.

4. DO NOT I repeat DO NOT be afraid of non-natural products, all natural products may not work for your hair or hair type. just because you use a non- natural product does not mean you cannot have long , HEALTHY hair. (Natural Nazi’s dont come for me you know its the truth)

5. Keep your scalp greased or oiled (which ever you prefer) to stimulate growth.

6.Keep your stress levels down. Stress can cause loss of hair and we dont want that over here hunty ! so be happy.

7. Protectie styling is important—> twist-outs, braidouts, buns, Low ponytails, weaves but please make sure you are getting your weaves properly installed and you are taking care of your hair underneath it.

8. Try to eat a balanced diet including lots of veggies, fish, fruits ect.

9.Use little to no heat, a lot of newly naturals are prone to getting heat crazy. If you must/want to use heat on your hair please take the time to learn the correct way to use it on your hair (youtube videos are free and informative)

10. follow these tips and watch your progress 😉