New jewelry collection

I have started to launch my new jewelry collection , I would love if you’d support dolls. Link-shop here
Currently available on etsy , im updating our personal store at the moment.
Love Ray


My boutique:Summer Collection

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Holaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa !

So my first collection of my shop is finally here. If you guys did not know I opened a accessories shop where i sell my handmade pieces. I have a hand for art, besides being a pharmacist two of my biggest dreams are to own my own handmade jewelry line and my own cosmetics line. Every piece from my line is always handcrafted one by one. I wanted to create something that i could be proud of not just another boutique that sells the samething everyone else sells. I’m inspired by so many things and every piece will be a refletion of me and my style. I am so ready to grow and progress with every collection. If you purchase an item(s) recieve 10% off on your purchase with the code “hot10”

-Thank you all for the support