Tropical paradise outfit.

Fun tropical day to night look!
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Haul/Nicka K lipstick Review



As summer approached I was on the hunt for some new and inexpensive lipsticks. I was in my local beauty supply store and ran across the Nicka K line and boy am I in LOVE. These were only .60 at my store and they had such a huge range to choose from. From bold to neutral to pastel shades. I picked up 8 just to try…now I will be going back to get all of them and the matching lip glosses. Im also looking to find an everyday lip combo from this line. These lipsticks are enriched with vitamin E , so they moisturize as you wear. Did i mention these smell amazing ?! These look beautiful with or without liner *plus* . I can not say any negatives about these lipsticks. Check your local beauty supply and rack up seriously!!!
The 8 colors I tried:
•beach fuchsia
•lavender tint
•barbie pink
•ruby red
• aqua verde
Below is a look I did with the shade Lavender Tint and the liner color nude also by Nicka K.



Barbie inspired makeup look

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This is a barbie inspired look that i did. It was kind of a spurr of the moment thing lol. I decided to make a website so booking appointmens is easier…im still working on it but you are able to book your appointments. I am currently taking makeup appointments visit my makeup site at www.fancyfaced.blogspot.com to BOOK your seat.

My boutique:Summer Collection

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Holaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa !

So my first collection of my shop is finally here. If you guys did not know I opened a accessories shop where i sell my handmade pieces. I have a hand for art, besides being a pharmacist two of my biggest dreams are to own my own handmade jewelry line and my own cosmetics line. Every piece from my line is always handcrafted one by one. I wanted to create something that i could be proud of not just another boutique that sells the samething everyone else sells. I’m inspired by so many things and every piece will be a refletion of me and my style. I am so ready to grow and progress with every collection. If you purchase an item(s) recieve 10% off on your purchase with the code “hot10”

-Thank you all for the support

Shop Nowwww.noaire.storenvy.com

Tmart 168 Palette Review//Tropical Makeup Look

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Hi Guys, So ive had this palette for about 2 months now and I couldnt wait to review it for you all. The cost of this palette is 18.50 and ALWAYS free shipping. If youre like me and you’re a makeup lover but you dont have the money to always shell out on high-end brands or maybe you just dont feel the need to, this is a great palette that offers quality for a low price. It comes with 168 shadows matte/shimmery, and neutral to bold colors. This is always great if you’re a beginner, a professional for your kit, or just to have. The colors are very vibrant and are not powdery like most cheaper eyeshadows. I cannot say enough about this palette, its a life saver lol so many looks you can create with just ONE palette. I will definitely be ordering the other palettes on this site. I will post the link below for any of you that would want to get this palette.

*I purchased this palette with my own money, I was not sponsered to do this review*

Link  to Palette-http://www.tmart.com/Profession-168-Full-Color-Makeup-Eyeshadow-Palette-Eye-Shadow_p116935.html

Here’s a look I did using this palette called “tropical Sunrise” its a very island bronze look. If you would like a tutorial on this let me know. or if you have a request for any other looks let me know. I want to start recording videos and putting them on here for you guys

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No foundation…Foundation Maybelline BB cream Review

Image Hey babies, so i know ive been gone for like EVER but im back! Im finished with school now I can dedicate all of my time to my blog. I often get questions of why I dont wear foundation. I’ve never tried foundation because I never needed it. I take extremely good care of skin(i will do a skin care routine). I came across Maybelline bb cream because i needed something Inexpensive with good quality to put on my face so my makeup will look put together. I am so happy that I found this product because it was exactly what I was looking for. This Product is VERY sheer and doesnt offer any coverage but it evens your skintone and moisturizes. This product will last you a long time because you need very little. Its perfect for every season because it is truly light. About this product: It comes in the shades–>Light, Light/Medium, Medium, Medium/Deep, Deep sheer tint(my Color)

  • 8-in-1 Beauty balm skin protector
  • 1)blurs imperfections
  • 2)enhances
  • 3)Brightens
  • 4)adjusts to skintone
  • 5)smoothes
  • 6)Hydrates
  • 7)spf 30 protects
  • 8)0% oils and other heavy ingredients

So if you’re someone that doesnt need coverage, just something to even your skin and act as a base to pull your makeup look together i highly reccomend this. The cheapest place i’ve found it is Walmart for $7.68….You can’t beat that.