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All Natural Skin Care Routine: Flawless Skin

I often get asked “what do you do for your skin” . So today all of my secrets will be revealed *chuckles*. My routine is extremely simple, My skin and hair LOVES natural and organic products.
1. I drink A LOT of water,green tea, green smoothies and Raw fruit juices. no soda (except ginger ale for medical reasons), only almond milk. I love fruit water and coconut water aside from plain water. I also eat a very well balanced diet.
2. I take daily vitamins and biotin 5000mcg everyday. Women’s or men daily vitamins promote skin health, immune system health, bone health ect. Biotin promotes healthy hair, skin, and nails.
3. I do not wear makeup everyday but when i do i use 100% pure olive oil to remove it.
4. Natural and organic makeup
5. When i wear makeup i do not use foundation it’s way to heavy for my skin and causes breakouts.
1. Makeup or no makeup i cleanse my face with 100% pure olive oil followed by black soap purchased at ( (i use various brands as long as it is 100% pure)
2. I tone my face with thayers all natural witch hazel purchased at (
3. I moisturize with 100% pure African shea butter, i mix olive oil in my shea butter.
-learn your skin, less is more.
*i use the same routine morning and night.
*All items mentioned were purchased with my own money
Here are a few selfies of my skin:




Tropical paradise outfit.

Fun tropical day to night look!
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Kiss me organics: organic matcha review


Hey beauties I was sent this organic matcha powder by kiss me organics to do a review. I love green tea and my green smoothies I can not go a day without them. So I was pretty excited to try this powder to add to my smoothies. You can use it for lattes, smoothies, and baking as stated on the package. I have used it for all 3 and it tastes amazing. You will need to add some type of sweetener because it is bitter otherwise. For my smoothies i use organic vanilla yogurt,almond milk, and of course all my fruits and veggies. If I’m making a latte I will also use almond milk.
•all day energy
•metabolism boost
•improve skin health
•137x antioxidants of brewed green tea
I have noticed a boost in my energy but i cannot speak on anything else. I do love the taste of this green tea powder. The only downside is that it is $25.00, and I just cant see myself paying that much time and time again. Overall it’s an amazing tea powder but I think I will stick with my matcha powder from walmart.
If you would like to try it you can order it online at
*this was a sponsored post but I was NOT paid all opinions are my own*

Barbie inspired makeup look

photo (36) image (37)

This is a barbie inspired look that i did. It was kind of a spurr of the moment thing lol. I decided to make a website so booking appointmens is easier…im still working on it but you are able to book your appointments. I am currently taking makeup appointments visit my makeup site at to BOOK your seat.