All Natural Skin Care Routine: Flawless Skin

I often get asked “what do you do for your skin” . So today all of my secrets will be revealed *chuckles*. My routine is extremely simple, My skin and hair LOVES natural and organic products.
1. I drink A LOT of water,green tea, green smoothies and Raw fruit juices. no soda (except ginger ale for medical reasons), only almond milk. I love fruit water and coconut water aside from plain water. I also eat a very well balanced diet.
2. I take daily vitamins and biotin 5000mcg everyday. Women’s or men daily vitamins promote skin health, immune system health, bone health ect. Biotin promotes healthy hair, skin, and nails.
3. I do not wear makeup everyday but when i do i use 100% pure olive oil to remove it.
4. Natural and organic makeup
5. When i wear makeup i do not use foundation it’s way to heavy for my skin and causes breakouts.
1. Makeup or no makeup i cleanse my face with 100% pure olive oil followed by black soap purchased at ( (i use various brands as long as it is 100% pure)
2. I tone my face with thayers all natural witch hazel purchased at (
3. I moisturize with 100% pure African shea butter, i mix olive oil in my shea butter.
-learn your skin, less is more.
*i use the same routine morning and night.
*All items mentioned were purchased with my own money
Here are a few selfies of my skin:




Tropical paradise outfit.

Fun tropical day to night look!
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My Current Book Read

I love to read it really is a great escape from reality and such a refresher for the brain. I always have a new book that im reading so i decided to start keeping you all updated with what I’m reading at the moment and then a review when i have completed the book. The A-List is book im very excited to read I heard it was very entertaining. I just happened to be in dollar tree and it grabbed my attention. I will do a review when i have completed the book 🙂
Have you ever read this ?
Did you enjoy it ?
Don’t tell me what happens in the book though lol.

DIY: All natural lip scrub

Beauties I have a simple all natural DIY lip scrub for you all. Dry lips are one of the worst feelings ever and mainstream lip scrubs can not only be pricey but also contain harsh chemicals. This homemade lip scrub is very affordable, the products can be found right in your home. This lip scrub will gently remove the dead skin cells, restore lips to its natural color over time, and moisturize/condition. This is great to use in the morning before applying makeup or just before applying lip balm and at night before bed. I use this everyday twice a day and my lips feel and look healthier than ever.
•sea salt/brown sugar-exfoliant
•lemon juice- natural brightner
•raw honey-natural humectant good for moisturizing and conditioning
Wash hands…then Simply apply to lips twice a day (morning and night) and gently scrub to remove dead skin. To remove wash with cool or warm water. Apply your favorite lip balm.

Kiss me organics: organic matcha review


Hey beauties I was sent this organic matcha powder by kiss me organics to do a review. I love green tea and my green smoothies I can not go a day without them. So I was pretty excited to try this powder to add to my smoothies. You can use it for lattes, smoothies, and baking as stated on the package. I have used it for all 3 and it tastes amazing. You will need to add some type of sweetener because it is bitter otherwise. For my smoothies i use organic vanilla yogurt,almond milk, and of course all my fruits and veggies. If I’m making a latte I will also use almond milk.
•all day energy
•metabolism boost
•improve skin health
•137x antioxidants of brewed green tea
I have noticed a boost in my energy but i cannot speak on anything else. I do love the taste of this green tea powder. The only downside is that it is $25.00, and I just cant see myself paying that much time and time again. Overall it’s an amazing tea powder but I think I will stick with my matcha powder from walmart.
If you would like to try it you can order it online at
*this was a sponsored post but I was NOT paid all opinions are my own*

Haul/Nicka K lipstick Review



As summer approached I was on the hunt for some new and inexpensive lipsticks. I was in my local beauty supply store and ran across the Nicka K line and boy am I in LOVE. These were only .60 at my store and they had such a huge range to choose from. From bold to neutral to pastel shades. I picked up 8 just to try…now I will be going back to get all of them and the matching lip glosses. Im also looking to find an everyday lip combo from this line. These lipsticks are enriched with vitamin E , so they moisturize as you wear. Did i mention these smell amazing ?! These look beautiful with or without liner *plus* . I can not say any negatives about these lipsticks. Check your local beauty supply and rack up seriously!!!
The 8 colors I tried:
•beach fuchsia
•lavender tint
•barbie pink
•ruby red
• aqua verde
Below is a look I did with the shade Lavender Tint and the liner color nude also by Nicka K.