Janet Collection Natural Super Flow Deep Part Lace Wig – BISA REVIEW





Im Back with a wig review for you all. Being natural I love protecting my hair with weaves and wigs. I usually dont go for synthetic wigs or hair bundles but I took the plunge with this wig. This wig is constructed with lace, 3 combs, and a strap. This wig is approx between 18-22 inches and is a yaki texture if not straightened with heat. I have experiences minimal shedding and tangling with this unit but keeping a paddle brush is a must. I have had this unit for about 2months and it still looks brand new. I will definitely keep this stored for a rainy day. If you’re looking for something inexpensive but good quality I really suggest this unit.
Purchased from wigtypes.com $30 plus s&h . I always get amazing customer service and amazing hair from this company. I suggest you all to seriously check them out.
*All products were purchased with my own money, I was not paid to do this review, all opinions are my own*


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