Relationship or Relationsh*t

Sometimes we can get drawn away from reality and it’s not always a bad thing. We get so sucked in and brainwashed from love and people around us. Whether it be a significant other, friends, or family we need to ask ourselves are we truly happy ? I asked myself this recently and my answer was NO. I was fooling myself into happiness and i did not even know. Many people (including myself) feel/felt as if we needed validation from everyone around us. True friends and family will support you no matter what dreams you’re trying to achieve (as long as it’s not hurting you of course). If you’re having these people tell you everyday you cant do it or it’s not worth it they do not need to be in your life, We call these types of people DREAM CRUSHERS.

Then we have the pinchers, freeloaders, benefit lovers. These are the people who don’t support you unless it’s benefiting them. You know the friends who never did any work but always wanna come on vacay with you ? yes these people. They’re not needed they weigh on your life and cause nothing but a down fall. surround your self with people who support you, who have ambition, and aren’t afraid to let someone else have success. These are the type of people who always achieve beyond their highest desires.

WTBS I decided to take my own advice I got rid of family, Friends, and people who did nothing but block my dreams. I asked myself again am I truly happy ? my answer was YES. I am now able to focus on me and the positives of my life. So if you’re not happy make yourself happy.

So do you have relationships or relationsh*ts ?

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